Informational Letter 2023-24

2023-24 Middle School Girls Swim

6th, 7th and 8th grade Girl’s Swim will be happening this Fall in November, December and part of January.  Practices will happen every weekday, but if you are in other school activities you will be excused from swim practice.  

Girl’s swim is great because Middle School Students are learning to be better swimmers while being with their friends.  It is the best free swim lessons you could ever have.  Swim team can also lead to job opportunities in High School like becoming a lifeguard or swimming lessons teacher.  

Swimmers will compete with other Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls swim teams.  Parents will learn about our swim meets and how to help your child be successful.  

Swimming is an individual sport that is done with team points.   SWIMMERS COMPETE WITH THEMSELVES.  Swimmers like most runners are continually training to swim faster than THEY have ever swum before.  SWIMMERS compete with themselves, not the pack.  It is all about the individual and we will ALWAYS CHEER each other to do their best.  

We will be starting to practice at the High School Pool on Thursday November 2nd.

 We will be hosting a team meeting in the MS cafeteria afterschool on Friday Oct. 27th.   We will meet from 3:15-3:45 that day.  If you have a team party from a fall sport you can attend both on that day.

Please complete all necessary paperwork, which can be picked up in the office from Mrs. Potter. If you have been out for a sport during the first quarter, your paperwork should be on file.


  1.  SWIMMERS will want to wear a one piece swimsuit so that it doesn’t fall off when you are diving into the pool or swimming fast.  

  2.  SWIMMERS will need a swim cap so that all of your hair isn’t in your face while swimming.  

  3.  Goggles are required so that you are not running over other swimmers while swimming.  Please plan to buy 2 pair of goggles so that when one breaks you will have a 2nd pair.  Goggle breakage is totally normal and annoying.  Goggles with a bungee cord are my favorite because they let in the least amount of water.  

Hope to see Swimmers on Friday Oct. 27th at the Middle School from 3:15-3:45

PARENTS are welcome but not required at the meeting as well. 

Coach Jenny Dickman
Email: [email protected]