Standards Based Grading Practices

What Do You Know About Standards Based Grading?


What Do You Know About Standards Based Grading?

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What Are Standards?

Standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each content area at each grade level.

How will Standards Based Grading Benefit Students?

This grading practice will ensure that students within a grade level receive similar instruction and are assessed on the same expectations.  This will also allow teachers to better communicate individual student progress.

Work Habits and Achievement

Work habits such as participation, responsibility, and effort will be reported separate from the overall content area.  For example, if a student does not complete learning projects and assignments on time, this behavior will be reflected in the work habits section of the standards based report card. 

Work habits are extremely important at the middle level.  Establishing good work habits at the middle level will provide a foundation for success at the high school level and beyond.

How Will Learning and Achievement Be Measured?

Earning a "4" will mean the student has demonstrated an advanced understanding of the target expectation.

Earning a "3.5" or "3" will mean the student has demonstrated a proficient understanding and achieved the target expectation.

Earning a "2.5" or "2" will mean the student has demonstrated a basic level of knowledge and also demonstrates an inconsistent use of the knowledge or skill. 

Earning a "1.5" or "1" will mean the student has demonstrated a minimal level of understanding of the knowledge or skill.

Earning "LE" will mean the student has not demonstrated enough evidence to measure learning or achievement.  LE stands for Lacks Evidence

See The Bike Analogy link below for another way to understand standards based grading.

Academic Reporting for Students with Special Circumstances

Grades are not altered or lowered due to accommodations specified in an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Students receiving a modified curriculum may achieve a proficiency level with a notation of "M" indicating the modification or difference in expectation.

"M" may be used for other special circumstances such as English as a Second Language (ESL), 504 Plans, and/or Homebound.

Where Do I obtain Additional Information About MMS Report Cards?

Consult with teacher(s) for details and information per content area.  Each grade level course includes a syllabus and grading guide to be located on our MMS team pages or by contacting the teacher(s).

You may also consult with Principal Everson or Assistant Principal Anderson for information and support.

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