Daily Announcements - Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Daily Announcements - Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Posted on 01/17/2023

YEP:  Reminder the YEP club meets every Tuesday after school until 4:45pm. New members are always welcome!

Student Council:  the kitties are happy.  The kitties are happy.  That’s because Student Council is sponsoring the fleece blanket making TODAY.  Anyone can join.  Meet in the cafeteria after school.  Soft kitty, warm kitty, we gotcha ya.

Forensics:  Practices this week are Wednesday and Thursday.  You need to attend one of these practices.  Forensics will have a short meeting tomorrow – Wednesday, during CARES, after announcements.

EL Testing:  EL Students who have not yet taken the ACCESS speaking test will test today.  Report to Mrs. Bade’s room 418 at your grade levels EL English time.

PE Students:  Don’t forget, we will be outside this week!  Bring your outside clothes to PE today!

MathCounts:  Members are reminded that we have a mandatory meeting tonight after school in Mrs. Forster’s room in the blue pod until 4:15pm.  You’ll need to make sure you get a permission slip for our meet tomorrow at Rice Lake.  You also need to make sure you have a lunch for tomorrow.

Around the World in 80 Trays:  Each day there will be a featured country with a traditional meal from that country.  Today’s country is Cuba.  The meal is Cuban Chicken with black bean quinoa and spiced bananas and mango.  This chicken is sweet and sour with a hint of spice atop a bed of quinoa.  The bananas and mangos add an extra burst of sweetness!

Science Olympiad:  Top 3 awards from our Medford Meet this week:

Menomonie took 1st place overall and was recognized with the Medford Innovation award. Our teams brought home 16 1st place medals, 18 2nd place medals, 10 3rd place medals, and 13 4th place medals.

In honor of your great work- take tonight off of practice and look for Coach Zuber's email about upcoming practices.

1st and 2nd place finishers are:

1st place- Anatomy and Physiology- Andrew Heckendorf and Mia Osterhaus

1st place- Crave the Wave- Logan Topper and Otis Yonko

1st place- Crime Busters- Emily Hoyland and Ellie Moulder

1st place- Disease Detectives- Nora Skorczewski and Andrew Heckendorf

1st place- Dynamic Planet- Carly Weber and Nora Skorczewski

1st place- Experimental Design- Noah Winder, Oliver Lugo, Emily Hoyland

1st place- Fast Facts- Oliver Lugo and Mathew Snavely

1st place- Virology-Nora Skorczewski and Mia Osterhaus

1st place- Forestry- Nora Trotter and Sydney Norby

1st place- Solar Systems- Logan Topper and Carly Weber

1st place- Rocks and Minerals- Oliver Lugo and Sydney Norby

1st place- Meteorology- Carly Weber and Andrew Heckendorf

1st place- Picture This- Noah Winder, Logan Topper and Tim Berends

1st place- Forestry- Caylee Schaefer and Toni Fiorani

1st place- Solar Systems- Willow Nelson and Peter Lake

1st place- Rocks and Minerals- Xavier Finazzo and Gabe Grutt

2nd place- Sounds of Music- Alex Heckendorf and Ellie Moulder

2nd place- Storm the Castle- Logan Topper and Noah Winder

2nd place- Green Gen- Otis Yonko and Nora Trotter

2nd place- Horticulture- Ellie Moulder and Mia Osterhaus

2nd place- Bio Processes Lab- Andrew and Alex Heckendorf

2nd place- Bridge- Tim Berends and Mathew Snavely

2nd place- Can't Judge a Powder- Otis Yonko and Sydney Norby

2nd place- Codebusters- Noah Winder, Emily Hoyland, Oliver Lugo

2nd place- Road Scholar- Nora Trotter and Mathew Snavely

2nd place- Robo Cross- Mathew Snavely and Noah Winder

2nd place- Write it, Do it- Sydney Norby and Mathew Snavely

2nd place- Picture This- Ella Weinberger, Grant Nigon and Peyton Gregerson

2nd place- Road Scholar- Seth Ray

2nd place- Disease Detectives- Sully Bast

2nd place- Geocaching- Noah Sabelko 

2nd place- Horticulture- Brianna Klimek

2nd place- Crave the Wave- Oliver Kerze 

2nd place- Meteorology- Xavier Finazzo and Abby Barden 

Quote of the Week:  If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner.  The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. ~ Bear Bryant

Word of the Month:  Pride