MMS Daily Announcements - Tuesday, Sep. 3, 2019

MMS Daily Announcements - Tuesday, Sep. 3, 2019
Posted on 09/03/2019

Welcome Back!  We are so excited to see so many smiling faces this morning and are looking forward to a great year!


Parents:  If you have not completed your information online, please log into your Family Access account and complete these forms by the end of the week.  If you need help logging in, please contact Morgan at (715) 232-1642 Ext. 11142.  Also, you should have received an Emergency Card to fill out and return.  Please return these to the front office or your CARES teacher by the end of this week.


Fall Sport Sign Ups:  We will have sign ups in the cafeteria during lunch today and tomorrow for the following sports:  7th & 8th Grade Boys Soccer, 8th Grade Football, 6th, 7th & 8th Girls Tennis, and 6th, 7th & 8th Boys and Girls Cross Country.


Cell Phone/Electronic  Device Policy:  Please see the information below for our policy regarding electronic devices.  Handbooks are available online for easy access.



Cell phones and electronics

Menomonie Middle School strongly discourages students from bringing any cell phones or electronic devices to school.  MMS does not assume responsibility for articles that are lost, stolen or damaged.  If you bring an electronic device to school it should be turned off and stored in your locker prior to the start of the school day.  Unless directed by a teacher/staff member, you cannot use an electronic device during the school day.  (7:43 - 3:05)


Cell phone use/guidelines:


  1. Cell phones are allowed in the commons before and after school.
  2. Cell phones must be turned off and placed in their school assigned pod locker from 7:43-3:05.
  3. After the bell rings at 3:05 pm, students may use their cell phone; however, cell phone use is not permitted in locker rooms or bathrooms.


Violations of Cell phone use/guidelines will result in the following:


1st violation - Cell phone removed from student.  Phone can be picked up in office at the end of the day.

2nd violation- Cell phone removed from student.  Parent must pick up phone in the office.

3rd violation- Cell phone removed from student.  Parent meeting with student and principal with possible disciplinary action.


Principals are authorized to establish school rules as long as the district acceptable use policy (Rule 362) is followed for limited, non-disruptive use of electronic devices during the school day, in the school building or during school activities for safety, medical, vocational or other legitimate reasons.



Quote of the Week:  I think we all have empathy.  We may not have enough courage to display it. ~ Maya Angelou


Word of the Month:  Empathy