A Note From Dunn County Health Services

A Note From Dunn County Health Services
Posted on 01/09/2019
January 7, 2019

Dear Parents and Staff,

The Dunn County Health Department was recently notified by the Menomonie Area School
District of a possible case of chickenpox at the Middle School. Chickenpox is a highly
contagious virus that can be potentially serious for infants and immuno-compromised adults.
Find out more about how to keep your family safe and healthy by reading the attached Wisconsin
Department of Health chickenpox fact sheet and following the tips below:

Recognize the signs and symptoms of chickenpox! There are several general symptoms
of chickenpox like fever, tiredness, headache. The most recognizable symptom is a rash
that causes itchy fluid-filled blisters that run into scabs. The rash usually stars on the
middle of the body ad spreads to the arms, legs and face.

Stay up to date on your shots! Chickenpox can be prevented with a vaccine. It is very
important that both kids and caregivers in a home with infants get the shot -and the
required booster. Call the Health Department if you have questions about your family’s
immunization history or where to get the vaccine.

Stay home if you are sick! The chickenpox virus can be spread from person to person
very easily. Stay home and talk to your regular medical provider if you have an itchy rash
with fluid filled blisters. People can generally return to school after the blisters have
crusted over.

Thank you for your help to keep your school community healthy. Call your school if a student,
or a staff member, is staying home due to chickenpox. If you have any questions about how to
treat chickenpox, please reach out to your regular medical provider.


KT Gallagher, MPA
Director/Health Officer
800 Wilson Avenue
Menomonie, WI 54751
fax: 715-232-1132
TTY: 715-232-1116