Parent Letter



Coaching Staff:         Head Coach:  Melissa Harper 715-232-1673 (MMS) or

                                    Assistants:  Kimberlie Larrabee and Jaclyn Wilsey


Athletic Fee - $50:  All student-athletes must pay this fee to participate if they weren’t in a fall sport already.



Physical or alternate card/Code of conduct/ER card:  All student-athletes must have a physical card on file before they can participate.  NO EXCEPTIONS! Practice will start Friday, October 25th.


Practice Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 3:20-5:30.  Fridays 3:20-5. 

NO PRACTICE WEDNESDAYS!    ***Performance night TBD in December.***


Transportation:  Gymnastics will be held at EXA which is the Exceptional Athletics Club located by Exit 45 in Menomonie. 2920 59th St, Menomonie, WI.  Students will be bused to this location after school by a designated school bus and dropped off.  

*The students will be expected to be picked up at EXA between 5:30 and 5:45 from EXA.


Changes this year- We will be practicing with the high school team.  We also will not be learning a floor routine.  We will however, be demonstrating skills learned on the floor. All students will be expected to practice on all events, but may choose to not make a routine to perform at performance night.


Rules and expectations


I understand that if these rules are broken that I may not be able to participate anymore.


  • 3 unexcused practices.Please send a note or emailif you are unable to attend beforehand.A parent will be called if I haven’t been notified prior.
  • There will be very limited time to change before the bus leaves.If you miss the bus there is no way for us to get you to EXA and will be considered an unexcused absence.
  • Come prepared.Hair up, appropriate clothing (ex: leotard, shorts, tshirt), no jewelry or gum.
  • All gymnasts are required to follow gym rules and respect coaches and other gymnasts.
  • Conditioning is not an option, it is part of practice.It helps prevent injuries and increases strength to perform moves.
  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES during practice time.


***** There is NO water fountain at EXA.  Make sure you bring a water bottle to practice! *****


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