2017-18 Parent Letter

Dear Swimmers and Parents,

Hello from the pool deck! We welcome you to the 2017 swim season! We’re excited to start and hope to get you all in the water ASAP. We will use the High School’s pool, so once our season starts, we will meet at the High School pool area. Successful students take the first bus in line to the High school and change as soon as they arrive (practice will run from 3:30-4:45 pm, pick up no later than 5:00 pm).

We will begin our season (January 16th) at the Middle School in the cafeteria, where we will go over expectations and basics of the strokes. While we know many of our swimmers are not in their first season, we will use one day to start our season in our street clothes to get as many students on the same page as possible.

All extracurricular paperwork must be completed and returned before the student will be allowed to actively participate in practice. If your child has already participated in a sport this year at MMS, the paperwork is on file and you do not have to turn it in again.  This paperwork includes a physical or an updated physical card, emergency contact card and the Insurance/code form on the back of the MMS Activity Program Rules and Regulations packet.  The $50.00 activity fee should be paid as soon as possible with cash or a check and written out to Menomonie Middle School.  

Students who participate in swim must come prepared, here is what one will need to be successful on the MMS Swim team:

  • Swim Suit (must be one piece for ladies), students will be in the water each day so more than one suit may be recommended.

  • Swim Cap - swim caps are essential for keeping hair out of your face while you swim.

  • Goggles - competition goggles are awesome but expensive, make sure you have a pair of swim goggles, facemask goggles do not work.

  • Towel- may seem obvious, but we want to make sure students are prepared :)

  • Optional: Lock for locker - Since we share the pool with the High School Swimmers, we also share the locker room. We suggest that student lock their belongings and take EVERYTHING (including the lock) home with them each night.

We’ll have the swim schedule out as soon as we have it, and will plan to be in the water for practice every day from 3:30-4:45, students must be picked up at the high school by 5:00 pm.

If there are any questions, comments, concerns, etc. please let me know.  We’re excited to have you or your child on the team!


Danna Schmidt

Activities Coordinator

Menomonie Middle School